What are Lingual Braces?

There are many options for correcting alignment issues available through orthodontic medicine. One of the biggest concerns for patients is how braces look. When this is the case lingual braces can be a great option.

Lingual braces will still employ the use of metal wires and brackets. However, instead of sitting on the front of teeth, they sit behind them. This is a good cosmetic option for those who are worried about how the metal braces will look.

How are the Lingual Braces Placed?

The installation process for lingual braces will begin with taking an impression of the patient’s teeth. This impression is then sent to a dental lab and used to create the brackets. The fabrication process can take up to six weeks.

When the brackets are finished, the orthodontist will use a special dental bonding cement to attach them to the back of the teeth. They work by applying gentle but persistent pressure to the teeth which gradually shift into the right position.

Treatment takes approximately 18 to 36 months and will depend on the severity of the person’s alignment or crowding issues.

The advantages of lingual braces

  • Completely invisible
  • Treatment time is the same as traditional braces

The disadvantages of lingual braces

  • It is common for speech to be affected for about two weeks after placement of lingual braces
  • Can irritate the tongue
lingual braces

How do you take care of Lingual Braces?

It will be important for patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing regularly is important and the person should use a soft, round-bristle brush. Using an oral irrigation device to flush the area around the brackets is also recommended. Patients are also encouraged to use a fluoride rinse to strengthen teeth. Using wax on the braces can help to alleviate or prevent the rubbing which occurs on the tongue.

Are Lingual Braces suitable for me?

To determine if lingual braces will be a good fit for you, contact the office to schedule a free orthodontic consultation with orthodontist Dr. Hessamfar. He can also guide you through the decision-making process and will help you to choose the best type of braces for your exact needs.

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