Self-Ligating Braces

For quicker results when straightening teeth, self-ligating braces provide the best option. At Broadlands Orthodontics & American Braces and Smile Center, Dr. Hessamfar offers these unique options to patients through the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Self-ligating braces are available at his three locations Ashburn, Woodbridge and Arlington.

What are Self-Ligating Braces?

Specialized orthodontic hardware is used to move teeth which are too crowded, misaligned, and contain gaps into their correct position.

This works by creating a steady amount of pressure on the teeth which causes them to shift. Braces are typically made of three parts, the brace which is placed on the tooth, the archwire which applies the pressure, and a band, usually an elastic, which connects the archwire to the brace. Braces which are self-ligating eliminate the need for this band. These braces use a permanent but movable component which entraps the wire.

Self Ligating Braces Woodbridge Virginia

What are the Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces?

The elastic bands which are used in traditional braces can often create unwanted friction and can trap food. When the need for this band is eliminated, the friction is reduced and allow the teeth to slide easier. The chances for getting food stuck in the braces also goes down which helps to prevent hygiene problems. Additionally, when less force is needed to move teeth the patient is often more comfortable and the entire process is over more quickly.

Typically, the amount of checkup visits needed for self-ligating braces is also fewer than traditional braces.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

When using traditional braces, the treatment time is usually around 18 to 36 months. When using self-ligating braces, that treatment time can be cut down by up to 6 months. The exact time needed will be determined by the issues which are being addressed.

To determine if these braces are a good option for you, contact the office and schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Hessamfar. He will make sure you receive the best treatment available for your unique needs.