Traditional Metal Braces

In the specialty of orthodontics, traditional braces have been a consistent, effective way to provide a patient with straighter teeth.

Metal Braces Orthodontics in Ashburn and Woodbridge, VA

These devices help correct overcrowding, crooked teeth, and gaps. Conventional metal braces use archwires and brackets adhered to the teeth to gradually move teeth into place. The brackets and archwires have improved over the years and are now their most effective and comfortable.

These braces are worn for approximately 18 to 36 months. They are noticeable when worn.

What are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are popular with children and teens and are smaller and more comfortable than ever before.

Traditional metal braces feature two main components: the brackets that are placed on each tooth and the arch wire that is threaded through them. As the wire applies pressure to one side of the tooth, the jawbone on the other side gives way. This causes the tooth to move and new bone to grow behind it.

Elastics (rubber bands) are used in conjunction with braces, exerting a constant force to move teeth. Elastics must be worn at all times and changed every day in order to maintain the proper force.

Metal Braces - Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Fastest treatment time
  • Strong and rarely break
  • Don’t stain

Metal Braces - Cons:

  • More visible than the other types of braces.
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First Orthodontic Consultation? What to Expect?

The exam and evaluation will assess a patient’s teeth and mouth to determine which type of braces should be used and the precise issues which need to be treated. Typically, x-rays and are taken during the exam. Once images have been collected the orthodontist will give the patient a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. The doctor will let the person know what is recommended and the patients can ask questions about their potential treatment.

Usually, for very complex alignment issues braces are strongly recommended.

When Will the Braces be Applied?

After the images and information has been obtained and a treatment plan decided upon, the orthodontist will schedule a follow-up visit with the patient where the braces will be applied. In some cases, braces can be applied at the same time as the consultation, however, most times a follow-up appointment will be required.

There are different types of metal braces available and some can provide a more aesthetically appealing look. To determine if these will be a good option, contact the office and schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Hessamfar

Are Metal Braces Suitable for me?

To determine if metal braces will be a good fit for you, contact the office to schedule a free orthodontic consultation with orthodontist Dr. Hessamfar. He can also guide you through the decision-making process and will help you to choose the best type of braces for your exact needs.

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